- Close Up
Cesis, Latvia
Opening on Jul 6, 2019
Edvins Strautmanis, Maris Bisofs, Sven Lukin, Signe Baumane, Vija Celmins, Arturs Virtmanis, Dovanna Pagowski

- Solo show
Suprainfinit gallery
Spring, 2020

Past solo shows:
- Pause for the cause
Cinnnamon gallery
Rotterdam, The Netherlands
March 23 - May 4, 2019

New York, USA

- Nightball effect at King's Leap
Brooklyn, New York

- Skeleton of the wind at Suprainfinit together with Viktor Timofeev in Bucharest, Romania

- The Man in the Moon together with Adja Yunkers at Belenius gallery in Stockholm, Sweden

- Aeolian breath in Riga, Latvia

- Between the sheets at Cinnnnamon gallery in Rotterdam, The Netherlands

- Sky's The Limit at Hole of the Fox in Antwerpen, Belgium

- Tastes like headaches together with Adam Cruces and Louisa Gagliardi at kim? Contemporary art centre. Riga, Latvia

Past group shows:

- A closed mouth gathers no feet
Dash gallery
Kortrijk, Belgium 
March 2 - April 7, 2019 

- Doors of Paradise at Union Pacific London

- The Last Rave together with Benny Van den Meulengracht-Vrancx and Tom Volkaert at Diesel Project space in Seraing, Belgium

- Heavy metal at Jerome Pauchant gallery in Paris, France

- Superposition at Joshua Liner gallery in New York

- Monsone at Suprainfinit gallery in Bucharest, Romania

- Wholesome environment at Lundgren gallery in Palma, Spain

- Form Cannibalism at The Stable in Waregem, Belgium

- Works from 2012 - 2015

Aeolian breath

Tallinas 10, Riga, Latvia

20. Oct. - 22. Oct. 2018
Riga, Latvia

Art Viewer

Aeolian Breath
Metal squere tubes, red fabric, furniture plate
Dimension: 800cm x 295cm x 50cm