Cesis, Latvia. 2011

Looking through the left and the right eye separately - I see two individual eyeshots, two different images. Presumably, they don't have prescience of its mutual existence. The question arise: In which of them am I? Looking from the each point separately - Am I able to see my location, or to see the spots, where I am not located? Maybe I have put each of my feet in different spots.

Its clear that from my individual eyeshot to the sight spot - in which I’m not standing, because I’m standing here - the distance is formed, with the starting and the ending point.

Seems, that inevitably I have stepped into the starting and ending point at the same time. I see the landscape from the place I stand, but not from the spot where its actually located.

I. Gelzis

Documentation 03 : 18 Min (Video Indrikis Gelzis)