"Stage, Scale and Surprise: John C. Welchman and Indrikis Gelzis in Conversation"

Art Museum "Riga Bourse", Latvian National Museum of Art.


I prefer to be alone, especially in art exhibitions. There’s no confusion then, or misunderstandings, and my words don’t get lost in the cacophony of discussion. Dialogues are the exception. I like to have a coffee before the talk - a Turkish coffee. I can then foresee the future in the grounds of. Wait a minute. I see something about abstraction. It serves, doesn't it, as the only thing we have in common, but also as an indication of something that we will never be aware of. Wait... I will turn the cup around. There’s scale in which art can exist and there’s substance that creates the borders. This small particle here resembles sculptures as visitors. And if I shake the grounds, like this, something more promiscuous arrives, reminding me of the public. But it's a chaotic structure that strives for order and purpose. Imagine that the cup is a gallery, every grain of the coffee grounds is a visitor and the art work is somewhere between them. Every grain perceives the art work differently, so now the promise and mission of the art work is endangered, lost between different understandings. OK... I will take a coffee break now.