I move from one place to another. Is it me leaving or is it the next landscape approaching? As I move, I happen to be at the intersection between my own movement and that coming from the opposite direction. Both of these counter directions stay put in me and I become their meeting place. That where I come from and where I will end up, I cannot tell, since none of the movements reveal this. Therefore I just cannot tell you where will I take you.


Documentation 03 : 38 Min (Video Indrikis Gelzis)

Solo exhibition
The Meeting. Kim? Contemporary Art Centre. Riga, Latvia


Photo Indrikis Gelzis

Video loop - 00:23 min. (Man, women,car)

Childrens. Video 01:28 min. (Black gouache, boy, girl, road, traffic sign)

No passing. Video 01.57 min. (Black, red gouache, two cars, road, traffic sign)

From the process