“A single work of art is mult­iplied according with number of visitors and it serves as a common target for audience which opens a place for negotiation and exchange. Different realities and meanings are formed which vanishes into a cacophony of discussions in search for the same understanding and reality. Illustrative: A work of art is made in specific size, by the sense of the artist. For others it might seem to be too large or to small, it depends on the length of the visitor".

5 minutes later…

          A visitor attends the exhibition with kind gesture and tries to anticipate the length of the artist by the scale of his produced artwork. Just to feel safe. Make the artwork in size, as viewed from 4 metre distance, even if the distance reaches a neighbors.”

Solo exhibition.
Galeria Vartai. Vilnius, Lithuania


Wooden shelves, metal moldings, indication in millimeters

Video loop. 07.31 min. Man, newspaper, cut out silhouettes in the wall, table, chair, newpaper

25 foor prints in gypsum

Red carpet, 10 foot prints in gypsum on tip toe

Video loop 02.03 min. 3 men, red carpet, 3 identical paintings in various dimensions, cut out silhouettes in the wall and paintings

Screen shoot