"Double infinity". (Metal, textile, buttons). 2016

"Identity is a fiction" together with Céline Butaye at Plagia Rama.
Brussels, Belgium.
08.09.2016 - 12.11.2016

“I shake two identical dice between 10 folded lines. Let’s assume that one of the dice symbolizes eternity and the other infinity. Lines are everywhere, they are shorter, longer, endless and invisible, and then there are those which there are not or will never be drawn. As soon as the line is drawn, it can always be extended or just simply smoked. On average, I smoke 21 cm a day. I still shake the dice and think – if the line is actually drawn, there must have been some intention and something has been or will be reached, or something has been confined in this limitless spatiotemporal reality. That is the boundary which allows connecting everything. I am afraid to throw different dice numbers because balance would be lost as a result - the balance between internal and external infinity, thinking and being, between me and the notion of me. OK, I will have 7cm more and then I will throw the dice.”
I. Gelzis


Review "…that little phrase by Vinteuil…" by Jānis Taurenis about the show "San Serriffe" in collaboration with Kaspars Groševs and Daria Melņikova.


Detail from the work "Zebra tool".